Saturday, March 20, 2010

There'll Be No Time For That Anymore

Lest (less?) any of you worry and think I have disappeared, I drank some beers yesterday. I will also be drinking some beers today/tonight and I'll write about all of this tomorrow when I get more time. I've been sick, making this blog pretty boring, but I promise I'll have some significant posts up before my Korea trip. Here's a teaser of my day today:

Before you say anything, yes those are the 21st Amendment kolsch (insert your own umlauts) glasses and yes that's a Hell or High Watermelon in them, but come on, don't be that guy.

Also, I got really upset just now. So let me tell you a quick story. Last weekend when I was at No. 7 in Fort Greene for brunch, I originally ordered an Ithica Cold Front, a dark belgian amber ale. The waitress came back and told me they were out of it and asked if I wanted a "Diesel" instead. I asked her what the brewery was. She didn't know. I asked what kind of beer it was. She said she thought it was similar to the beer I had ordered (not true at all, as you'll find out). To paraphrase my dad, this waitress didn't know shit about beer. Anyways, not wanting to cast my lot with an unknown Diesel, I went with the Sly Fox Helles Golden Lager that I mentioned, a perfectly fine but nondescript beer. So fast forward to today. I'm on the 21st Amendment website, because that's my want, looking at what's on tap at their restaurant in San Francisco, when what do I see but a listing of a "Diesel" Imperial Smoked Porter. I had that beer when I was there. It was as awesome and delicious as its name would imply. I passed on having another one in Brooklyn for a plain ol' Sly Fox because my waitress didn't know the brewery. This realization led to me shouting several obscenities in my apartment, followed by Liz asking what was wrong, followed by her thinking I'm an idiot for getting that upset, followed by me writing this. Sorry for the rant, but come on waitress! You work at a restaurant known for your tap selection and 1) you couldn't tell me the name of the brewery of one of your beers, 2) you said that an Imperial Smoked Porter was the same as a Belgian Amber Ale, and 3) You screwed me! You screwed me good! AHHHHH!!!!!


  1. where/how did you get those glasses? also, how much do you want for them?

  2. Hey, I just stumbled across this comment, which makes sense as you probably just posted it. I got those glasses at the 21st Amendment Brewery in San Francisco. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to say they're not for sale, as I got them on my honeymoon and my wife would kill me. Sorry!