Friday, March 5, 2010

I'm Just Taking A Ride On A Pink Ballon

Welcome to the dawn of a new era. Gone are the Sam Adams and Brooklyn Brewery beers. In there place: 21st Amendment's Hell or High Watermellon and Monks Blood (I found more!), Yuengling's Bock, a beer they made forty years ago and just reintroduced this month, and a full case of Famosa Draft tallboys, a really awful beer from Guatemala. The wife and I made a trip to the beer distributor. Originally the plan was we'd each pick two six packs to make a case. I picked the Bock and the Hell or High Watermellon (and the Monks Blood they had at the counter). Instead of sticking to the plan, Liz found a whole case of this Guatemalan nonsense for 16 bucks and opted to pick that instead for reasons that are beyond me.

Last night after seeing Avatar and having a two hour fight about the movie (I correctly identified the movie as awesome, she wrongly insisted that the lack of a coherent plot made it unbearable), we went on down to Bark, a fancy hot dog place in Park Slope. We got ourselves some veggie dogs and filled a growler of Bark Red Ale, a beer Six Point brews just for the restaurant (restaurant is a deceptively hard word to spell, by the by. I actually had to look it up!) Had two Red Ales out of the growler. Then we went back home where I had a Hell or High Watermellon. Liz and I went to the 21st Amendment Brewery in San Francisco on our honeymoon and loved the place. We have a sampling of the Watermellon beer there and loved it. It came with a giant slice of watermellon and everything. A whole can of it on its own though, as I see now, is not so good. It gets pretty syrupy after a couple of sips. So after that I had one of the Famosas, which was essentially a South American Coors light. But we have a lot of it now! Thanks sweetheart!* I then had the last bottle of Brooklyn American Ale. I don't know if that beer will come into my life again, but it was interesting while it was here. And by interesting, I mean it's definitely Brooklyn's worst beer and I'm a little insulted that they're peddling that on the Finns. Do you think my Nordic brethren would drink anything that didn't have the intensity of flaming goats blood:

I don't think so. Anyway, tomorrow. It drops. That's all for now.

Total Beers: 192
Where I Should Be: 172.602

*This case is strike one. As per NY law, strike three is an automatic divorce. Just something to keep in mind.


  1. Oh man! Crossroads in Blacksburg gave me a promo release of the Arockopolypse CD...That sucks about the Guatemalan beer. Surprisingly, Philippines has some awesome beer in the form of San Miguel Pilsener (which isn't awesome, but is better than, say, Red Stripe) and San Miguel Negra (which is extremely awesome). Not that the Philippines is too much like Guatemala, but both seem like unlikely places to find good beers.

  2. Ok, yes. the Guatemalan beer is gross. BUT, in my defense, it was only THIRTEEN-NINTY-NINE for TWENTY-FOUR Tall Boys!!
    That's 27 cents per ounce of beer. And while it doesn't taste good, it reminds me of this bad cider I used to drink in London a lot (not Strongbow, a different cider) -- and it is 5% alcohol!

    It is, indeed, bad -- but so was that terrible case of Brooklyn Brewery's American Ale -- and this was half the price! I'm not going to drink crappy beer with a nice Brewery's label on it to impress people in my own home. If I'm going to drink crappy beer, might as well be cost effective.

  3. Plus the tall boys will slow Ryan from his torrid pace!