Thursday, February 11, 2010

Asking The Tough Questions

I tried to get out of my apartment yesterday. I really did. My game plan was to go to Prospect Park, see what kind of fun in the snow nonsense was going on there and then head to one of the local bars, just to see what types of people thought braving the snow to drink outside of their apartments was the best way to spend the day. I think you know how that turned out. I feel like this blog should have a subtitle: My 1000 Beer Year: Where I Make a Lot of Plans But End Up Just Drinking On My Couch. I went on a test run to go buy some milk at a bodega for breakfast. While the cold wasn't prohibitive, the wind whipping snow in my face was. I had to walk backwards for a bit of the trek back to my apartment. It was pretty brutal. But hey, I tried.

What I ended up doing was just fine by me anyways. Had some pumpkin pancakes and a 25 oz bottle of Ommegang's Three Philosophers for breakfast (in fairness breakfast was at noon). Spent the day watching movies and drinking on the couch with the wife. Not a bad way to spend a snowy afternoon. Over the course of the day I had five beers, the aforementioned Three Philosophers, Sam Adams' Cranberry Lambic, Old Fezzywig, and Holiday Porter, and a Brooklyn American Ale. (A reader,* sharing my namesake, correctly guessed that I bought a Sam Adams Brewmasters' Collection case. I don't know if it was all the beers I listed that I drank, or the fact that I put up a picture of the case, but either way, excellent deductive reasoning!)

Two things I want to note. First, that's the third 25 oz bottle I have had by myself and only counted as one beer since the year began. So far I have not gone to any tastings or counted anything less than a 12 oz can of beer as one beer. The point being, for those of you who think I will unjustly try to game the system with beerfests/tastings, it appears your concerns are unfounded. But thanks for doubting me. That's appreciated, jerks.

Second, I came to a conclusion about Sam Adams' beers you only find in those seasonal cases: they are not that great. I mean they're fine and all, but they all sort of have that same syrupy taste. Not to say I wouldn't prefer an Old Fezzywig to a Saranac Lager or anything, but I think there's a reason why you can't buy them outside of those cases, like in six packs or individually.** Sam Adams doesn't want you compare them to other holiday ales/porters/lambics, etc. They don't want to you ask the question: Should I buy a six pack of Sam Adams Holiday Porter or a six pack of Anchor Porter, because anyone that has had both, I think, will go with the Anchor Porter ten times out of ten. But if the question is, should I buy a case of Anchor Porter or a case of all of these different beers from Sam Adams, well, that's a tougher question and one someone could go either way on. So, Sam Adams, do you package these beers together because they can't stand on their own? Do you?? My readers demand answers!

Total Beers: 123
Where I Should Be: 112.328

*I have a real one. I'm as shocked as you are, imaginary readers.
**At least I don't think you can, I've never seen them sold in any other context.

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  1. I'm not a big fan of the Sam Adams seasonals, but I love the Black Lager. It's easier to find in a variety pack, but I have seen it (rarely) in a six pack by itself. Well worth it.