Friday, February 19, 2010

Who's The Dean Now?

I wanted this post to be longer than it will be, but alas time is not on my side here. I have to leave pretty soon to catch a train to New Haven, CT, where I will show that crusty old dean at Yale what's what and the President will make me secretary of Partying Down. Anyway, last night I went to Carnival at Bowlmor which was super expensive. Seven bucks a beer! The whole carnival them was fun, but it seemed like just a big money suck (had to pay to play all the games) and the crowd, what there was of one anyway, was, let's say, not my style. I had two beers there (both Coney Island Lagers). Afterwards we went to Cheap Shots, where we had some of those, and then it was off to a bar I did not get the name of (not because I was super drunk, but just because I don't remember anyone telling me the name). There I had a Blue Point Lager and played some Jenga like a pro, fought Pretty Boy Floyd, rode a dragon (a real one, I don't mean to say I did heroin), dunked on Bill Russell (which was pretty easy because he's super old), joined Skull and Bones (hence why I'm going to Yale), and was crowned king of Sixpackistan. Then I went home and had a beer while watching reruns of the Office and packing. See you all on Monday with stories galore!

Total Beers: 147
Where I Should Be: 134.246

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