Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Some Weird Things

Here are some weird things. This morning on the train, I saw a stereotypical Rastifarian guy. Like many a Rastifarian guy, he had his dreadlocks wrapped up (forgive my cultural insensitivity for not knowing what this wrap is called). Unlike many a Rastifarian guy, he wrapped his dreadlocks in women's leggings. I know this, because the leggings were over his dreadlocks inside out, so the giant Leggs tag was prominently displayed. That was pretty weird.

I've railed about this in the past (not on here but in person to actual people), and I'm pretty sure most of you will be able to discern why the following is pretty weird:

Pretty weird, right?

Here's one last weird thing: I didn't drink any beer last night. Was I sick? Nope. Did I have prior commitments that prevented me from drinking? Nope. Did Liz finally put her foot down? Ha! You're kidding right? With no real obstacles in my way, I simply chose not to have a beer.

What makes this even more perplexing is the fact that I have my apartment to myself all week. The wife has the week off and is helping her parents move into their new place, while I still have class. This would seem like the perfect opportunity for shenanigans aplenty. So what went wrong last night? Short answer: I was exhausted. I wouldn't say I hit a wall, or that if I had to drink (that's a weird way to put that, that I might 'have to' drink) I wouldn't have been able to, it's just that I was exhausted in all senses of the word and thought I needed a night off. Fortunately, the numbers let me do this. I'll be back on the saddle tonight, and already have tentative plans for Wednesday night and Thursday night, and definitive plans for some out of state drinking Friday through Sunday. But the night off, pretty weird, right?

Total Beers: 136
Where I Should Be: 126.027

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