Friday, February 26, 2010

You the you the Best

Last night as the snow fell, I had a Sam Adams Cranberry Lambic, Holiday Porter, and a Brooklyn American Ale. For those of you sick of hearing about the same few beers over and over, do not worry. Both cases are almost tapped. There will be new beers, new adventures, and so forth. I should have a pretty good drinking night tonight and tomorrow night, and I assure I will concentrate on the drinking/beer in my next post. I'm sorry if these posts are a little lackluster, I've been working on perhaps the most important post of this blog's history, and you better believe when that comes down, dedicate a whole day to read it. Seriously. Take off work. It will be worth your while.

Total Beers: 172
Where I Should Be: 153.424

1 comment:

  1. As proof that you have been posting more stories and less about beer, your advertisements are changing: of the 5 listed at this time, 3 are for beer related things ($0.29 Koozies, Das Boot from Beerfest, and Black Forest Brew Haus) -- while the other 2 are for Travel - and more specifically NEW HAVEN - related things (Looking for a hotel in New Haven? and Stay 10 nights get 1 Free on your travels). Get back to some bars and some beers, dude.