Monday, February 15, 2010

Man, Isn't Blu Ray Awesome?

Well I am back from a whirlwind tour of Pennsylvania. I spent the weekend helping the in-laws move into their new place, and as with all proper housing moves, it was accompanied by copious amounts of pizza and beer. Through Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I drank a total of 10 beers. I will note that all of these beers were Sam Adams of some variety, excepting two Magic Hats, an Odd Notion '09 and whatever it is their winter beer is called. I would list all of them, but I think you readers can surmise that I drank a variety of Sam Adams seasonals. There isn't a beer I had out of those eight that hasn't elsewhere been discussed in this blog.

As a dear colleague pondered, isn't that a sort of light drinking weekend? I mean sort of, but where I'm at in the standings, drastic drinking measures aren't really required, so why push it just to push it, you know? Also, one other thing I think I sort of what to keep track of is states drank in. Right now I am at 2, Pennsylvania and New York. This weekend I will put Connecticut on that list, which hopefully will produce stories aplenty. That's all for now!

Total Beers: 136
Where I Should Be: 123.287

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