Monday, February 1, 2010

Putting up a Donut

So it has come to this. A beer free evening. Even more shocking, perhaps, is that it will likely be two beer-free evenings in a row. The reason being: I am sick. Not in a, "I have a cold that I can drink through" kind of sick, but in the, "I think I have the stomach flu" kind of sick. Believe me, if I could drink a beer, I would. And if you think I seriously thought about doing this...

...well, I did, but in a rare moment of clear thinking, I opted against it. But you know what? I'm not too concerned. This may come a shock to many of you, but I am pretty sure that I will drop below the "where I should be" line at sometime during this year. Things happen. You get sick. You have finals. Your wife threatens to leave you if you don't ease up on this nonsense (Kidding! Like that would stop me!*). It's all part of the plan. Every night I drink 3 beers, I am ahead of schedule. So sometimes I'll be days ahead. Occasionally I might be a day or two behind. But what is a challenge without a little bit of drama? I don't want this 1000 beer year to become the U Conn Women's Basketball Team of year long drinking challenges.** I want it to be interesting. So expect drama! Expect excitement! Expect romance! But most of all, expect me to restart my beer drinking just as soon as I can keep down anything more than water.

Total Beers: 93
Where I Should Be: 84.931

And look at that, I'm still about 4 days ahead.

*It probably would.
**Look it up!

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